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Soiree agitee [tough night]
They say when you question too much
It's because you are disobedient and persistent
But what if you are right, and they are wrong
Will they ever apologize, I think not
Why? Because they think their laws are more important than that of the individuals
Quoi[what]! Yeah, and that's why I will not crush my momentum of believing what my heart sets to even with my eyes sealed
Yes, we are one but beat it, we'll be done and gone
That's why it's necessary to make the best of it because life is too short
For an individual's way of beliefs to be held down by some laws
And I know them laws, we could dominate if we involve with the beauty of Nature and God because He is in everything we say and do, and trusting ourselves in our decisions.

The song I created represents a Transcendentalist belief because it sends a message for why it’s necessary to trust yourself, and your heart. It also tells us not to see any law as a huge bridge with barbed wires a blockade to prevent us from believing ourselves. Listening and doing what you think is right matters, and also associating with Nature as one believes will help increase an individual’s “higher” knowledge about their surroundings, and of God’s wonderful creation. In Thoreau Walden’s “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”, the quote “Let us rise early and fast…, [and] let company come and … [go]” [Walden 110]. These quotes explain that we should not be thrown off by any friend/relative and not make the best out of what God has in store for us.
The Transcendentalist beliefs I have learned about inspired me to create this piece. It really helps to know that you can accomplish incredible things if you believe in yourself, and knowing one is able to ignore the laws for the right reason. I really think we should study more about Nature because everything in Nature feels free to roam about unlike us.
The song I created shows an agreement with Transcendentalist ideas because it approves of one’s association with Nature and God. It approves of believing in oneself and it will be better in the future. It also approve of treasuring Nature and individuals over authority.