images.jpgThe little Mermaid -movie that portrays transcendentalism;Ariel experiences human life thus being able to make her own impressions.

ray.jpgRay - The movie Ray represents transcendentalism. The movie is about the famous singer Ray Charles.He went blind at a very young age and ends up having a talent for music.In the movie Ray, we see the life of Ray Charles portrayed. Through going blind at a very young age to being addicted to heroin for many years, Ray Charles turned out an amazing man with an amazing talent for music. One key role that influenced his life greatly was his mother. She was constantly there for him, knowing when he needed to learn how to walk without help and knowing just how to talk to him to make sure he learned his lesson for life.

10.jpg10 things i hate about you -Kat Stratford, played by Julia Stiles, is a senior in high school who, after a bad experience in her early high school career, decides that she doesn’t have to please anyone but herself.Kat seems to live by Emerson’s transcendentalist ways of doing what she wants to do no matter what others think. (“What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think.”- Emerson) She dresses differently, doesn’t care what the boys think, and speaks her mind all the time; despite the annoyed remarks her English teacher often makes when she constantly contradicts him. Kat does not conform to the ideals and conventions of society.
index.jpgMicheal Clayton - is a lawyer who is the "fixer" for big companies.He isn't living his life for himself-he's living to protect criminals so he can get paid and gamble it away. His job is to sweep up other people's mistakes without thinking of the consequences. He is unaware of the effect he has on the world. Then one day when he is driving, he sees horses standing unattended and unmoving near the road. He gets out of his car to look at them, and as he is standing there he has an epiphany. He realizes what has become of his life and how wrong he has been. Getting out of his car to admire nature turned out to be very lucky for Clayton, not only because it caused his realization, but also because it ended up saving his life.